The inner workings of me.

I am an eclectic, undeniable self-proclaimed dork. Feisty to the core. I have a weakness of smiling too much, and an infamous giggle. In love with love. I'm going to utilize this blog to track my weight loss, as well as my new life as a military wife<3

It’s so funny how life gets in the way of your goals sometimes. I’m on week 4 of insanity, the last week before recovery week. My husband & I are going to visit family, so I decided I’m just going to bring the DVD with me and workout there. Well, everyone keeps making all kinds of plans so I was annoyed because that left no time for insanity. But when life hands you lemons…well, you know the saying. So, since it’s only three days, I will not skip my workouts, I’m going to wake up at 6 to workout & then have coffee on the back porch. And for those of you who don’t know me.. 6 am is kind of a big deal!! I am NOT a morning person. But they say, “You’re only one workout away from a good mood.” So, maybe I’ll be so happy I won’t notice the time…maybe!


How do you spend your saturday’s? I’m curious to know! E-mail me. I’m trying to get some inspiration for a writing piece.


I have NOT been writing here like I’m supposed to. Dang it. But, I will say, even without this accountability, I haven’t skipped a day of insanity! I love it. I really haven’t seen results like I’d hoped for, but if I keep working hard I know that I will see improvement. I absolutely feel stronger, and the more I workout the easier it has been for me to eat clean.  For all you out there that have been working out, STAY STRONG. Don’t give in to something you’re craving, wouldn’t you rather be healthy & fit then satisfy a craving? I would! 

Week two! (Remember, I&#8217;m going to take pictures every two weeks, so the next picture I take will be during my recovery week!) 

Week two! (Remember, I’m going to take pictures every two weeks, so the next picture I take will be during my recovery week!) 




I just successfully completed day four of insanity. Today wasn’t awful because it was cardio recovery day, but I’m still sweating my butt off! I really enjoy doing the workouts, maybe not the whole time I’m doing it, but definitely after. My body feels completely refreshed, and it makes me NOT want to eat junk food. Yes, I said it, I don’t want to eat junk food after doing insanity. This is brilliant progress because in the afternoon, I like to sit, drink diet coke and eat chips and salsa. Now, all I do is sit on the floor, do more ab exercises and drink powerade, while still watching reruns of Grey’s Anatomy. Some things will never change.